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Just thought I’ll blog about today since my day was pretty interesting..and tiring. 

Since I’m an incoming freshmen in college, I need to arrange some papers a.k.a the requirements needed for the university. (I haven’t decided yet about the school issue but I’m really hoping that Ateneol will reconsider me to be admitted to their university. I really hope they do!) And for UP, they required the students to take a medical examination and that’s what I did for the entire today. 

I was just supposed to have a medical examination like the basic tests but then my mom had some concerns that resulted to me taking more tests than I expected. Originally, I just needed the medical certificate, the doctor’s signature on the form UP gave me and a Chest X-ray but what I end up taking are the following:

  • 2 urine tests (I drank a lot of water, I tell you.)
  • CBC (wherein I need to fill 4 test tubes with my blood for 4 different tests I cannot simply understand and remember)
  • Ultrasound (don’t get me wrong, this is for the kidney okay.)
  • Chest X-ray
  • ECG and 2D Echo s/t (the doctor noticed an unusual rhythm in the way my heart beats and I have a history of my heart beat skipping on beat(?) when I had dengue so my mom requested for some tests.)

So basically, I spent my whole afternoon in the clinic. And to think that when I got there I just ate a plate of pasta and some palabok and that’s it. My energy was obviously drained. 

It was pretty interesting tho since I never did an ultrasound, an ECG and a 2D echo s/t ever in my life and the machines where pretty cool too. I just wish every thing is alright and I’m still a pretty healthy person ;)

PS: Will be blogging about Fuerza Bruta when I finished screencapping every video that I took. :)

2NE1’s CL (Scream) inspired make-up


This the the picture that I used as basis for the make-up I did. 


(hello kitty coin bank cameo!)



I actually focused more on the eye make-up. Actually..I’ve been watching make-up tutorials all morning and I had to urge to do one. Well this is not a tutorial but yea. Haha. This is so awkward to do but yeap. Opinions anyone? 

It was raining and a lot of thoughts have been going through my mind so I decided to draw and paint. I’m not the greatest artist. I can draw but I guess I need more lessons. I really want to learn how to paint and draw properly.

The rain is just scary a while ago especially when I can still hear the thunder earlier. Hope everybody’s okay with this kind of weather. Stay safe everyone!

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Make-up Thursdays? haha. 

Lately I’ve been fond of watching make-up tutorials from different make-up artists. I guess I just find it amusing how a person can change with a little foundation and eyeshadow. But that doesn’t mean that wearing make-up makes one beautiful at an instant. The only thing that matters is how beautiful our heart is :) That is when we look beautiful inside and out. 

Graduation Dinner @ Makati


Before we even have our dinner, Dad surprised me with his unexpected graduation gift. It’s a new phone! Thank you Pa for giving me a phone that can already access wifi. My sister got one too. Dad said it was his late high school graduation gift to her and late means after 5-6 years. Haha. 


We had our dinner in Yakimix. It was my first time ever and I guess I shouldn’t have eaten before dinner. Half-way through the dinner, I felt like I was going to vomit because of all the food I’ve eaten but their food tastes really~~ good. 




And what I wore for the night: 


white top (Mom’s closet), skirt (Magarbo) and white heels (Rusty Lopez)

*All photos are SOOC. 

For the last time, Congratulations Batch ‘12!

(Mom took most of the videos)

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Best set of friends  ♥ I could not ask for more ♥♥♥

Day by day we get once pace closer
Taking one last step but we’re far from over
Getting started on the paths we’ve paved
We’re taking the stage, we’re turning a page
We’re breaking the cage

031712 || Graduation Day

No longer a high school student but rather an alumnus of my alma mater. Thank you for all the memories and opportunities you’ve given me.

For all that has been, thank you Lord and for all that will be, yes Lord

Congratulations, SENIO12S (Batch Magilas) !

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031612 The Last Day

Obligatory selca photos from Robert’s DSLR.

Done preparing for graduation :)

Mixed emotions all throughout the day. Waterproof mascara incase I cry later. This is officially the last day I can call myself a high school student. #SENIO12S